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See, Saw, Seen

Aviation House, London, UK
September 12, 2019 to September 17, 2019

Eponymous Womenswear brand Paula Canovas del Vas presents its Spring/Summer 2020 collection during London Fashion Week using a multi-player Virtual Reality Installation titled See, Saw, Seen (2019). Free and open to the public between September 12 to 17, 2019, the installation is set within Aviation House, the former Church of the Holy Trinity.


Portrait Paula Canovas del Vas by Coco Capitan

Directed by designer Paula Canovas del Vas, See, Saw, Seen meticulously explores themes of feminism and voyeurism, inviting viewers into a location-based virtual reality journey where the subject and object in the consumption of fashion and images are reversed: in fashion, it is typically the models and clothes that are objectified by the consumers, but in this case, the gaze is turned onto the audience themselves.

The multi-sensory VR installation consists of five interconnected rooms: See/Peeping Room, Corridor, Saw/Hall, Corridor Finale, and Seen/Collection. Visitors first enter the peeping (See) room, voyeuristically observing a group of others who are wearing VR headsets while being "on display." Afterwards, equipped with VR headsets themselves and passing through a dark corridor, the visitors enter an intensely lit hall (Saw), where they interact with gigantic models in a virtual fashion show while realizing that they are now being watched by those in the peeping room. Afterwards, passing through the Corridor Finale, where the models in the virtual world intensely gaze at the visitors and follow them out, the visitors arrive at the Seen/Collection room where they can exchange reflections and thoughts with each other. This non-linear VR experience offers each visitor a unique journey and encourages them to develop their own understanding of the concept and narrative.

Marking HTC VIVE Arts' first supported fashion project, See, Saw, Seen is developed by No Ghost, the pioneering real-time creative animation studio based in London, with additional support from WeWork and HP.

Paula Canovas del Vas is a close collaborator to multiple creatives including Kanye West, Nike, and more, after positions at Maison Margiela under the direction of John Galliano and Gucci under Alessandro Michele. Her last collaborative project, ‘Objet Trouve’ (Lost and Found), was presented at Palais de Tokyo in July 2018.

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