VIVE Arts is a multi-million dollar global VR program set to advance creation and appreciation of the arts.


The Obsession with Water Lilies



“Beyond painting and gardening, I’m good for nothing…” Monet famously said. This ground-breaking VR exhibition whisks you beyond the white walls of the museum

Up the River During Qingming VR



From Rainbow Bridge to Outdoor Theater and Golden Orchid Restaurant, enjoy the trip along the river!

Goncharova and Malevich: In Three Dimensions



The World’s First Fully Immersive Virtual-Reality-Enhanced Exhibition
at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

HTC VIVE for Art Basel in Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Anish Kapoor and Marina Abramovic will bring their first vitual art work in Art Basel Hong Kong.


11/23/2017 – 4/2 2018

Tate Modern – London, UK

Focusing on the work of Amedeo Modigliani, Tate Modern will stage the most comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s work ever held in the UK. Including 100 works, the exhibition will …

From Life

12/11/2017 - 3/11/2018

Royal Academy of Arts, London

HTC VIVE and the Royal Academy of Arts (the RA) are making waves in the art world, by combining life drawing and virtual reality to create a new form of …



Am I eligible for the program?

We welcome any museum, cultural institution, or exhibition that is looking to bring VR and/or AR into its exhibition, or education programs to bring their content to the wider public for them to experience the benefits of compelling VR content.

What are the funding limits?

We do not set a funding limit for each application. Decisions are based on an application’s merit and impact within the institution, on Viveport, and for the larger VR ecosystem.

Is there non-financial support (e.g. promotion)?

We may support our partners by providing technical and content advisory assistance, as well as marketing support.

Is it open-submission or will submissions be wave-based?

We accept and review applications on a rolling basis. Please get in touch at https://www.vive.com/us/arts_form/

I see a lot of projects on the Vive Arts website, are they all funded by HTC?

Vive Arts’ website is designed to be a source of reference for the latest VR/AR developments at museums and cultural institutions for institutions, artists, and the general public. Vive Arts’ partners, supported by the program in various ways, may be invited to create a project page and continuously update their activities to reach a wider audience.

How are titles selected to be featured? Can I get extra promotion even if I’m not funded?

All applications are carefully reviewed by the Vive Arts team. Content proposals, prototypes, or complete works are helpful when evaluating applications to the Vive Arts program. Selected partners are invited to explore joint marketing opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

I have an experience at a museum that I want non-financial support for, how do I let HTC know?

We welcome partners to get in touch at