DSL Collection Virtual Art Museum

DSL Collection, Paris 08/24/2017 - present

Founded in 2006 by collectors, Sylvain and his wife, Dominique Levy, DSLcollection is today one of the top 5 Chinese Contemporary Art collections in Europe. It is a privately owned art collection representing over 350 of the leading Chinese avant-garde artists, and across all media including paintings, sculptures, installations, and videos.

A nomadic collection since its inception, DSLcollection refuses to be fixed in one spot and instead opts for extending the notions of art spaces using the globalised arena of the digital world. Thus the collection can be seen by everyone, everywhere and anytime, thanks to its virtual museum, digital exhibitions, interactive ebook and intense activity on the social networks.

DSLcollection addresses VR not as a medium associated with specific hardware, but more loosely as a form of storytelling primarily concerned with immersion and interactivity. VR creates a space of encounter that is free from all physical constraints and has greater potential for creating empathy. VR makes the familiar “unfamilliar“.

“Our goal is to help democratise art, to reach new audience from all corners of the world, especially the millenials,” says Sylvain Levy.

In August 2017, DSLcollection’s Virtual Reality (VR) museum was launched on the VR software platform, VIVEPORT, with a special curated exhibition of XXL-sized Chinese Contemporary artworks. Since then, DSLcollection has presented its virtual reality museum at various art fairs around the world.