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Water Bodies

MeshMinds 2.0
March 7, 2019 – March 17, 2019

Welcome to MeshMinds 2.0: ArtxTechforGood, a new breed of immersive, interactive experiences crafted by next-generation artists who are tackling the world’s most vexing environmental challenges. Merging technology and the arts, this exhibition puts viewers right in the middle of the action—whether stepping through a virtual portal to clean up a sullied ocean, or imagining the vastness of our future cities in augmented reality. 

Water Bodies, one of the virtual reality installations, aims to alert people to the fact that microplastics are not only a problem in the middle of the ocean, but also in our bodies: humans unknowingly contribute to the high number of microplastics that are dumped in our daily drinking water and guzzled down.

Created by illustrator and visual artist Adeline Tan, this game is experienced with an HTC VIVE headset, powered by an iMAC Pro, and starts inside a virtual human stomach. Tiny marine critters—called tardigrades and copepods—swim in a sea sprawling with brightly colored microplastics, all rendered in 3D and animated by The Acid House. The countdown starts and players have one minute to shoot down all of the microplastics.

The public can start diving into this virtual reality experience at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum from now until March 17, 2019. 

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