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Art & Photography

DSL Collection Virtual Art Museum

The DSL Collection
August 24, 2017-Present


Founded in 2005 by Paris-based collectors Sylvain and Dominique Lévy, the DSL Collection features major works by nearly 200 contemporary Chinese artists, from leading figures such as Zeng Fanzhi and Ai Weiwei, to younger artists like Zhao Zhao. We worked with the collection to launch a virtual reality museum, available through VIVEPORT, which highlights a selection of 30 large-scale artworks.

The project supports the Lévys’ belief that art should be made accessible to wider audiences: “Our goal is to help democratize art, to reach new audiences from all corners of the world, especially millennials,” explains Sylvain Lévy. Free from the restrictions of physical institutions, the DSL Collection’s virtual art museum has partnered with art fairs across the world.


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