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Culture & Heritage

The Mystery of the Sea: An Underwater Archaeology Exhibition

Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology
November 5, 2016-Present


In 2016, we partnered with Taiwan’s Shisanhang Museum (13th Site Museum of Archaeology) to present theBlu, a virtual reality piece that recreated archaeological sites at the bottom of the ocean. Produced by Wevr, theBlu accompanied The Mystery of the Sea: An Underwater Archaeology Exhibition.  

Using virtual reality, theBlu made it possible for visitors to explore lifelike marine environments, interact with marine life, and walk across the deck of a sunken ship 40 feet below sea level. The piece was praised by Lin Kuan-Yuh, commissioner of the Cultural Affairs Department of New Taipei City, who highlighted technology’s ability to bring history to life, and transform museums into engaging, interactive spaces.   


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