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Culture & Heritage

Journey Into the Heart of Evolution

Natural History Museum
December 23, 2017-Present


Created in collaboration with Paris’s Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle (Museum of Natural History) and the Orange Foundation, Journey into the Heart of Evolution uses virtual reality to explore the origin of life, tracing the rich histories of the world’s species—some dating back 3.5 billion years.  

This immersive educational experience creates a moving replica of the “tree of life”—a model and research tool used to map the evolution of life and describe the relationships among organisms both living and extinct. The structure is cited in a famous passage in Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, with tree diagrams used to represent genealogical relationships since the medieval era.  

The experience also forms an integral part of La Grande Galerie de l’Evolution (the Gallery of Evolution)—a dedicated section of the Museum of Natural History, which allows visitors to encounter virtual reality on-site. The collaboration reflects a common goal to facilitate access to knowledge and inspire.


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