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Culture & Heritage

Multi-Sensory Artscape

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
October 1–December 18, 2016


In 2016, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts presented Multi-sensory Artscape, an exhibition that aimed to provide visitors with new insight into celebrated artworks. To accompany the exhibition, we created Interdisciplinary VR with a National Treasure, three interactive virtual reality pieces inspired by Lin Yu-shan (1907-2004)’s painting Lotus Pond, the first modern painting designated a national treasure by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture in 2015. 

The first of these experiences provides a panoramic overview of the artwork in virtual reality, available to smartphone users via Google Cardboard. The second, Lotus Pond—Digital Interactive Projection, is a semi-circular projection in the gallery, which allows visitors to interact with elements in the painting while experiencing special sound effects, using somatosensory techniques and directive acoustics. 

A final piece, Lotus Piece—the Virtual Reality Experience, allows viewers to see the work as never before: wearing a VIVE headset, the viewer can soar across Lotus Pond from a dragonfly’s perspective. Shifts in light replicate the transition from night to day, allowing viewers to experience changes in the natural environment as the artist Lin Yu-shan did as he was creating the painting. 

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