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Culture & Heritage

The Spirit of Autobiography

National Palace Museum, Taiwan
December 16, 2017-Present


In 2017, The National Palace Museum, Taiwan partnered with HTC VIVE Arts and XXTralab Design to present The Spirit of Autobiography – the world’s first virtual reality experience to bring to life the masterful control, beauty and skill of a calligraphy masterpiece. 

Autobiography is among the most well-known works in The National Palace Museum’s collection: a running script by Tang dynasty monk Huaisu, characterized by fluid brushstrokes that display powerful control. Such is Huaisu’s mastery that poets have compared the rhythm and form of his script to natural phenomena, using metaphors such as wind, rain, lightning, thunder, galloping horses, and coiling snakes. 

The Spirit of Autobiography transforms this remarkable work into a living entity, immersing viewers in a virtual journey through time. The project represents the National Palace Museum’s continuous drive to make its invaluable collection of artefacts, paintings, rare books and other treasures available to the public through cutting-edge technology—and ongoing collaborations with HTC VIVE Arts. 


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