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Kuo Hsueh-Hu: The Three States of Home Gazing

Tainan Art Museum
March 21, 2020 -July 5, 2020

Kuo Hsueh-Hu: The Reminiscence of Taiwan in His Heart is one of Tainan Art Museum’s major exhibitions aimed to construct the art history of Taiwan. The project originated from Home Gazing: My Father Kuo Hsueh-Hu's Life in Art, the biography published by Mr. Kuo Sung-Nien in memory of his father, a legendary artist and one of Taiwan's first-generation gouache painters. Following the memoir, the exhibition offers a pluralistic and global perspective to examine Kuo’s domestic and international artistic achievements over the years, allowing viewers to imagine the artist as a home-gazing wanderer whose journey is both external and internal. The exhibition is on view from March 21 through July 5, 2020.

In addition to presenting Kuo’s sketches, original painting, and archives in sections, the exhibition also features a VR experience, titled The Three States of Home Gazing. This VR experience is based on three of Kuo’s renowned paintings: The Setting Sun by the Fort Provintia (1986), Boats Moored in Tamkung (1982) and Festival on South Street (1930). It offers three types of interactivity to explore the concepts of space, time, and experience, respectively, allowing the visitors to travel from Kuo’s painting studio in the earth 20th Century to important sites featured in his paintings, including the South Street in Tuā-Tiū-Tiânn, City God Temple, Guanyin Mountain, Tamsui River, the flourishing folklife of downtown Tainan, and finally to the San Francisco neighborhood where the legendary artist spent the last years of his life. The experience is ultimately a journey into the artist’s poignant home-gazing.

The Three States of Home Gazing VR reveals the artist’s strong emotional connection with his home despite a well-travelled life—a theme of his art. Choregraphed into three chapters, the VR title beautifully translates the bright colors and theatrical portrayal of the everyday life from Kuo’s paintings into first-person experience, bringing to life the emotional and philosophical essence of the master painter’s work. 

My paintings, they strive for quality, not quantity.” — Kuo Hsueh-Hu

West Gate in the Old Days (Taipei West Gate), 1997. Gouache on Silk. 79 x 92.4 cm

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