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Culture & Heritage

Up the River During Qingming VR

National Palace Museum, Taipei
October 15,2018 – December 15, 2018


Completed in 1736, Up the River During Qingming is a remarkable example of genre painting, capturing everyday life in China while portraying its prosperity. We partnered with Taiwan’s National Palace Museum to create Up the River During Qingming VR, a virtual reality piece that makes it possible to see the artwork in fine detail—a privilege once reserved for the Qing dynasty Emperor and favored officials. 

Through VR, sections of Up the River During Qingming are brought to life—from bustling scenes featuring some of the painting’s 4,000 figures, to architectural details including homes and the royal palace. Significant sections of the painting, which measures 11.5 meters across, have been transformed into interactive games, including the Rainbow Bridge, the Outdoor Theater, and the Golden Orchid Restaurant. 

Up the River During Qingming, especially this version by Qing dynasty court painters, is one of the most exquisite and beautifully rendered genre paintings,” said Lillian Lee, AVP of HTC VIVE and Producer of the Up the River During Qingming VR project. “VR allows us to create content that is both educational and of entertainment value: viewers are able to have fun, while learning about the heritage of a celebrated artwork.”

The exhibition represents a continuation of our partnership with the National Palace Museum which, since 2015, has presented virtual reality pieces including The Spirit of Autobiography (2017), inspired by the renowned calligraphy of Tang-dynasty monk Huaisu, and Roaming through Fantasy Land (2017), a journey through Autumn Colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains, by early Yuan-dynasty painter Zhao Mengfu.


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