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Film & Performance

La Géode VR

Museum of Science and Industries, Paris
December 2016-Present


In December 2016, we partnered with Paris’s Museum of Science and Industry to launch La Géode VR—a series of immersive experiences set across three types of VR experience that explore the possibilities of virtual reality. Each is set inside La Géode, a world-renowned geodesic dome theatre offering spectacular cinematic experiences, which attracts approximately 4 million visitors each year. 

Visitors are taken on a VR experience tour in small groups, entering increasingly immersive environments. The first of these, Ciné VR 360°, shows films in virtual reality; the second, Gaming VR, allows visitors to experience the latest VR video games. The third—Le Salon du Futur (The Living Room of the Future)—transports viewers using the cutting-edge room-scale VR technology. Visitors experience realistic interactions in the virtual environment: playing with virtual dogs, teleporting into space to study the solar system, testing their archery skills, diving under the sea or even performing in a professional ballet. 

“This [exhibit] not only changes what La Géode stands for to the Europeans, but also brings together technology and museology to reinvigorate many artistic creations, offering the visitors a new and completely different experience,” said Laurent Dondey, Director General of La Géode. 

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