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March 20-31, 2019


VR installation Songbird captures the final moments of a bird species driven to extinction at CPH:DOX (Copenhagen International Documentary Festival), one of the largest, most prestigious documentary film festivals in Europe.  

Directed by Lucy Greenwell, and developed by Michelle and Uri Kranot of the production studio TinDrum, Songbird is created in partnership with The Guardian, HTC VIVE Arts, and Carte Blanche Theater. Henrik Oppermann created the fully spatialized soundscape of recordings of extinct birds–sonic fossils–combined with authentic sounds from the Kauai’an wet forest. The British actor Siân Phillips narrates the piece.


Set in Kauai, the VR experience takes viewers to an edge of a cliff overlooking a gushing river and a painted cloud forest, surrounded by the flora and fauna of Hawaii that rustle and move when approached. Viewers follow the last flittering sounds of the legendary ʻōʻō (songbird) that was last seen in 1985 and is now extinct.  

In addition to the virtual experience, the physical installation for Songbird uses tactile elements to create a sensorial experience that complements the virtual world. The VR installation will premiere at the Charlottenborg Museum in Copenhagen as part of CPH:DOX 2019. 

After its showcase at CPH:DOX starting March 20, 2019, Songbird will travel to other international film festivals around world, with HTC VIVE Arts as its exhibition partner.  

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