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Our Mission

VIVE Arts’ Mission is to enable and preserve cultural heritage for the world, and to democratize creation with digital innovation in the arts. In doing so, VIVE Arts’ Mission addresses a diverse, global audience and contributes to the knowledge and enjoyment of our cultural heritage, both in museums and in the home.

  1. 1. Through VIVEPORT, bring one-of-a-kind arts & cultural museum experiences to regions that would otherwise not have access
  2. 2. Enable experimentation and exploration of new art forms & exhibitions using digital innovations and virtual reality
  3. 3. Diversify and broaden audience demographics for museums and cultural institutions through the VIVE ecosystem
  4. 4. Enrich cultural institutions’ public and education programs
  5. 5. Preserve and interpret human heritage using the latest virtual reality innovations
  6. 6. Disrupt existing practices in curating and storytelling
  7. 7. Make first-person experiences possible for the physically disabled and those without access
  8. 8. Foster innovation and debate in the creative and cultural sectors

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